At HG Mays Corporation, we recognize the importance of caring for our environment. That’s why we’re committed to recycling old asphalt pavement and roofing shingles by processing and blending these used materials with virgin materials. At our Frankfort Materials plant, we also have the capability of producing warm mix asphalt, which is eco-friendly because its lower temperature uses less fuel. All of our process meet or exceed all environmental laws and regulations, and we follow the best practices of the asphalt industry to ensure that we are environmentally friendly.

Are you re-roofing your home or business? Repaving your driveway? Let us recycle your old shingles or asphalt! Many contractors and individual homeowners save money and help preserve the environment by letting us “dispose” of their old shingles and driveway/parking lot surfaces. Although we must charge a fee to take your shingles, it is typically less than you will pay to dispose of it at a landfill. Please contact the HG Mays materials plant in Frankfort or Maysville for the current rates.